After a 12 year career in software development, system and network administration, technical training, and web development, I was recruited to manage the business and financial side of a start-up construction company. In short order, this led taking on freelance bookkeeping work for other small businesses, and at some point I realized I had made a complete career change.

Then, in 2021, I was hired to do some freelance software development work and quickly realized how much I missed the constant stream of puzzles and learning opportunities that IT work provides. Chasing that thrill, I began taking on more development contracts, and I am once again seeking full-time work in Software Development or IT.

Please reach out me if you're interested in hiring me or if you have a passion project you think we may want to collaborate on.


  • Open Source Contributions

    Projects I've supported with code and documentation contributions.

  • Name Genderator

    Human readable access to baby name data provided by the U.S. Social Security Administration. Made using JavaScript, Python, and PostgreSQL

  • The Time Vault

    A publicly accessible e-mail scheduler that I originally wrote before e-mail scheduling was a standard feature of every office suite. Recently redesigned to take advantage of GCP serverless architecture. Written using Python, PostgreSQL, and SendGrid API